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What’s your story?


Sure, we’ve all heard the cliché that a picture is worth a thousand words, but what about a beautiful canvas art portrait of your family hung on the wall?  An heirloom quality wedding photo album? These things are how the stories of our families get told. Grandparents sit down with their grand-kids and flip through old dusty albums, relating stories of yesteryear and all the adventures they had. In our own work we’ve kept that fascination with the story, and come to realize that making an artistic portrait of another person is a story in itself. Working with a photographer is a relationship. It’s a combination of the photographer’s style with your personality and interests.


It’s not just a picture with a mere 1000 words to tell. It’s a portrait. It’s a personal piece of art that we create together, and that is worth a great, epic story!



Van Deman Photography is a husband and wife team of professional portrait and wedding photographers based in Indianapolis, Indiana. We focus on working with clients in a fun and personable style to get you the images you want! We have two studio spaces available: One in the fantastic Stutz building on the North side of downtown Indianapolis and another in Plainfield, near the Metropolis Mall. Although we primarily shoot each project with a fashion or journalistic approach, we can also work with you creatively to produce much more elaborate Photoshop composite designs for an attention-grabbing image.

For more information on high school senior portrait sessions or wedding photography, click the link above or email: David@vandeman.photography

Clients will have individual secure passwords to their galleries to review photos.


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  • Our Photoshop/photography tutorial blog is www.photographerslair.com. This site presents a number of simple to advanced Photoshop techniques as well as photographic tips and tricks, equipment reveiws and other general photography related articles.

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