The night that Naptown became Helltown

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A thought...simple and horrific. What if...What if Indianapolis was overrun by vampires and other terrifying creatures on Halloween. That was the basis for this series of images. A set of nightmare proportions, when vampires and skeletons take to the streets, and a pair of heroes comes to the rescue of our cherished city. 

So without further ado - enjoy:



The vampire king, Vlad, and sorceress find an inviting place for their evil plans - Indianapolis, a vibrant city full of people to terrorize...

The taking of IndianapolisThe beginning of HelltownThe vampire king, Vlad and sorceress find an inviting place for their evil plans - Indianapolis

Vlad calls on haunting members of his vampire guild to swarm the city. Calling all vampiresVlad summons his hordeVlad calls on the ghastly members of his guild to take the city

The sorceress summons her army of undead skeletons.

All the bonesCalling up an army of undeadThe sorceress brings undead skeletons to life

The heroes arrive on the scene and promptly get to work smashing the skeletons to bits. Those are easy, but the vampires...

Smashing bonesThe heroes arriveSmashing and slashing their way through the skeleton army, the heroes make quick work of the evil doers

After breaking her bat on all those skeletons, the pointy end makes a fine stake for dispatching Vlad...

Vlad fallsThe banishment of VladFinally the heroes are able to bring down the terrible Vlad...but word is he isn't completely destroyed...

The only way to banish a sorceress is using a blade of light. After clearing the way through the last of the skeletons, a slash with the glowing dagger makes it's mark.

Release the magic Sorceress be goneThe only way to bring down an evil sorceress is with a blade of light...

Finally, the city is quiet...for the time being anyway. the vampire guild knows many dark places to hide, and even darker beings to call on to hunt these powerful heroes...sleep well, if you can...

VistoryVictoriousThe battle is won...but the vampire horde won't stay at bay for ever...

This project was a huge undertaking. I simply couldn't have done it without the support and incredible acting skills of this group of models. THey truly brought my wild imagination to life...and I can not thank them enough:

Vlad - Jerry Beasley

Sorceress - Stacy Van Deman

Heroes - Emmanuel Carter & Brittany Smith

Make up - Kali Bartlett


Images were created with a mix of studio and location photos and purchased stock photos.

Until next time - rest well, if you can. Muahahahahah!!!!




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