Welcome Friend, and thanks for your interest in our Introduction to Photography classes! This class will be a great way to jumpstart your skills in photography and get on track to taking fantastic photos of your family, pets, cars, waterfalls...whatever your creative drive is, we will help you get the best shots.

If you're feeling frustrated with blurry images of your kids running around or inside the house, we will show you the techniques you need to get clearer photos. 

Maybe you got a nice new DSLR camera...and it just doesn't seem to be as great as you thought it should, or all those buttons are just too much to deal with. We will get you feeling confident in using that camera and getting great results!

Who the Intro to Photography class is for:

It's for anyone who has an interest in taking better photographs. Whether you have a "fancy" camera with interchangeable lenses, or just a small point and shoot style camera...or even just a smartphone, this class will help you compose better images, see the light that will highlight and flatter your subject, and give you an understanding of how your camera works so you can get the best images possible in any situation.

Whether you're looking to get some great shots on your next family vacation, or want to hang a beautiful portrait of your little puppy on the wall, we will help you feel confident in getting the best quality image possible.

Who this class is NOT for:

If you're already a seasoned expert in photography, you'll likely be bored. Just being honest. If you hate everything about photography, you probably don't want to be there. If you're happy with what you currently shoot and don't feel the need to learn anything, again...probably not going to be interesting to you :-) Everyone else...come on and let's learn some great stuff!!!


The class is scheduled for Saturday July 14th, 2018 at our studio in the downtown Indianapolis at 1055 N. Senate Ave

There will be one session available with a maximum number of 10 attendees:

2:00 pm - 5:00 pm


There will be a course workbook provided to each student and snacks and water as well. It's a hands-on learning experience where you will learn:

  • What is photography, really? (It's more than just f-stops and ISO, but we'll get to that!)
  • How your camera "Sees" light
  • How light works and how to make it work for you
  • The fundamentals of composing a good photograph
  • Lenses and what is best for given situations
  • Using special modifiers like reflectors and flags
  • Plus tips on what to look for when buying a camera or lens, memory card usage, backing up and storing your images, printing and framing, and sharing your images on social media.




The Introduction to Photography class is just $49 per person. Payment is due at the time of class, and we can accept cash check or charge cards.

The link below will take you to the Facebook page event for this class. Please register as "Going" to verify you will be attending.

Click HERE to claim your spot!


If you are not on Facebook, please email us directly at david@vandeman.photography to register.



Not available for a class on the 14th? Consider our free 7-Day email course...

We have a free 7-day email class that serves as a great primer for the Introduction to Photography class. Each day you get a simple tip, technique or concept that serves as a foundation for creating great photos. You can get more information and sign up for that here.