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If you've been struggling to capture photos that pull at your heartstrings and capture the imagination, you've come to the right place. This free, introductory 7-Day course for photographers was developed to give everyone the foundation needed to create stunning, eye-catching images...

Natural light image of babyBaby BluesSimple window portrait

Maybe you struggle getting clear photos of your kids as they run and play...those moments when their little faces are full of wonder and joy can be so priceless, but nothing is more frustrating than trying to capture that moment and it's nothing but a blurry blob of something that looks vaguely human.

Or...perhaps indoors everything you try is a funky shade of green or yellow/orange, and that pop-up flash just makes everyone look like there on some bad crime-scene show.

If landscapes or flowers are more your style and the colors just always seem odd, or you feel like your photos are just plain and boring, we are going to get you on the path to better images!

Stop taking bad flower photosFlower PowerGo from funky and washed out to clear and dramatic Stop taking bad flower photosFlower PowerGo from funky and washed out to clear and dramatic

These two images were shot with the same camera and lens at the same time of day, literally just a few minutes apart. The difference is just understanding the easy tips we share in our 7-day course on photography basics! 



My name's David, and I routinely get asked these kinds of questions during my family a school portrait sessions. I can't tell you how often I've heard something along the lines of, "I just want to be able to capture some great photos I'd be happy to share with family..."

I get it!!! My own three-year old is a super energetic ball of fascination and surprise (yes...the baby photo above is one of many many MANY baby photos I took!!). I love all her expressions and quirky dressing habits. There are countless moments where I just want a quick shot of her goofy smiles and joy in finding a new hat to wear. Maybe I won't frame them all, but I still want to capture the BEST possible photo I can in that moment. After more than 20 years of photography, I've developed the ability to do just that, whether it's using my cell phone or my nice DSLR, there are a bunch of simple tricks to make sure each photo is as good as it can possibly be.



I'm not going to tell you that every photo you ever take from here on out will be perfect. Far from it...even after all these years I still shoot a good amount of unused images. But I also get a lot of wonderful, fun and shareable photos of my friends and family...and the occasional bug, flower, or other random thing that catches my attention. 

So here it is - the very first thing I think about when I want to capture a great photo, and the easiest thing that can help step up your photography game. Get rid of the clutter!!!


That might sound pretty basic if you think about it, but the reality is it can be really difficult to get an image with a nice clear focus on just one subject, especially if you’re just out walking around and see something you want to photograph. But take some time, look at the scene and imagine what it would look like framed in a photo. Check the background for distracting elements like telephone poles that stick up out of the top of your kid’s heads. It's one of the main things that separates a quick snapshot from a gorgeous image that leaves an impression.

Often, just shifting your point of view slightly can have a dramatic improvement on the overall image. Dropping a bit lower can fill the background with the sky or a line of trees, instead of the street full of cars that crosses right behind you. Shifting slightly forward can push that trash can off the edge of your frame…Here's an example:

Getting rid of the clutterPuddle JumpingFraming an image differently can have a huge impact. Getting rid of the clutterPuddle JumpingFraming an image differently can have a huge impact.

In the first image, there's a big trash can competing for the viewer's attention, and a row of houses in the background that adds more distraction. The second image focuses entirely on the child playing in puddles, eliminating the busy horizon while still giving cues that it's a park pathway.

Once you start paying attention to what is in the background, along the edges, and peeking out from behind your subject, you'll quickly notice that your images start to look crisper and more professional. 



Great!! hopefully you're still with me and you can see we have some fantastic easy tips to share on improving your photos. So down below you'll see one of those little email sign-up boxes, and yeah filling that out and sending it off will get you a series of 7 more quick tips just like this one, covering more and more each day to help you get you up to speed capturing the best photos you can. 

Once you fill that out, please make sure that [email protected] is whitelisted in your email system. Likely our automated emails will show up under the promotions tab if you use Gmail, or possibly in spam folders on other systems. To make sure you get all the good stuff, just be sure to pull those messages into your main inbox and approve future emails as well. You'll get an "opt-in" verification message that is simply security for you and me both, to make sure you are a real person signing up for this course. Once that's taken care of you should get your first email with even more photography goodness baked in!! case you have any doubts, I am a real person. Feel free to email me and ask questions, make suggestions, or just say hello. I love photography and will gladly talk your ears off about it any time. I promise I won't be some super spammy business that begs you to buy every last little trinket and then oh, by the way, this one too. But if you're interested, I DO have a hands-on Intro to Photography class somewhat regularly at my studio in Westfield, Indiana. We will send out updates when dates for those and other photography and editing courses are set.

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