Van Deman Photography | Photo Compositing Course

Indianapolis area - Photo Compositing Workshop

August 12th, from 2:00-7:00 p.m.

Would you like to create montage images for your senior clients that get ATTENTION?


Have you always wanted to create a layered composite image that looks amazing, but just have no idea where to begin? 


Have you tried editing a composite but always end up with something that just feels awkward or unrealistic?


This class will teach you the skills you need to create amazingly realistic composite images!

We will show you how to get finished results like that ^ , from a studio image like this:

What we will cover:

Everything from the best lighting set ups to use, posing, shooting angles and lenses all the way through the entire editing process using Adobe Photoshop. You will see first hand how images like this can be created and learn some of the best industry secrets for creating clean, clear clipping masks, adding special effects like lighting and atmosphere, and blending photos together to create a consistent and realistic final image.

Note: Our classes are designed to be approachable and accessible to a broad range of skill levels, however this particular class does involve a good deal of detailed Photoshop work and some studio lighting. At least a basic understanding of flash/strobe photography as well as using layers and masking in Photoshop will be very beneficial to your success with compositing.

Key course learning points:

  • Capturing and understanding what makes a good background image
  • Generating a story or "mood" for your image
  • Lighting to get the best results when clipping
  • Shooting angles and focal lengths that work best for composites
  • How to evaluate the perspective in your background and match a model shot 
  • Extracting your model/subject/other elements
  • Color balance and blending to achieve consistent results
  • Atmospheric effects like smoke and fog
  • Shading and shadows - the keys to realistic imagery
  • Final touches

BONUS!!!: MagMod Basic KitClick for more info

If you register for the class before August 6th at 12:00 a.m. Eastern time, you will be enetered in a drawing for a MagMod Basic Kit. This is a fantastic professional grid and color gel lighting modifier for use with almost any speedlight style camera flash. We will be using this in the course for special lighting effects with our model. The MagMod kit retails for $90, and is a fantastic addition to any lighting kit!!

Each class participant will also receive a download key to a number of source files perfect for compositing projects including Backgrounds, objects, texture elements and smoke effects.

This class will be held in our studio in downtown Indianapolis: 1055 N. Senate Ave. Indianapolis, IN.

We will begin at 2:00 p.m. by looking at lighting and shooting images of a model to be used in creating a composite image. Each participant will have the opportunity to capture a series of images you can use to create your own final image. Following that will be discussion on background image considerations and shooting, story and mood ideas, and a full demonstration of the editing process. The edit will be recorded and made available for review so you can refer back to the process at any time, and the full layered .psd file will be included in your resource download link.

So how much is all this???

Typically a class like this with all the extras would run well over $300, but we will sharing all the secrets to compositing for just $145.

Space is limited to 10 students and we only offer this course once a year, so sign up now before this opportunity is gone...

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